KidTalk Tactics Project

KTTP is one of three model demonstration projects funded by the Office of Special Education Projects (OSEP) to translate research on naturalistic communication interventions for young children into practice. The goal of these national initiatives is to develop early communication intervention models that can be effective in supporting continuous communication development in children ages 12-60 months.

Kidtalk Tactics

KTTP is founded in naturalistic communication interventions and blends the Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI) approach with Enhanced Milieu Teaching (EMT) communication and language intervention strategies. The KTTP model includes four main components :

  1. Coaching parents on the KTTP approach using family-guided principles

  2. Providing professional development to service providers about embedding EMT intervention strategies into everyday routines and activities with the caregivers

  3. Building communication teams to ensure continuity across the child’s multiple natural environments

  4. Supporting families through transitions from Part C to Part B to ensure continuity of services across time