The KidTalk-Tactics Project (KTTP) is a model demonstration project funded by the Office of Special Education Projects (OSEP) as one of three national centers aiming to translate research on naturalistic communication interventions for young children into practice. The primary mission of KTTP is to develop, describe, and disseminate an early communication intervention model that effectively supports continuous communication development in children ages 12-60 months. KTTP engages caregivers in a naturalistic routines-based communication intervention and supports the caregiver as the leader of his or her child’s team of other service providers and professionals, especially as the child transitions from Part C to Part B services.


  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of coaching caregivers to use a naturalistic, routines-based communication intervention to support their child’s communication development.

  2. Support the continuation of caregiver implemented intervention through the transition from Part C to preschool programs.

  3. Provide professional development on the KTTP intervention protocol including materials to illustrate intervention strategies and procedures.

  4. Disseminate project information to service providers, state level policy makers, and researchers..

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